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Lives Are Put On Hold During a Cooling Market–STAGING Can Make a Difference

Ready to move into your dream house? Not having any luck selling? You only need “one” buyer. Don’t be held hostage in today’s market. In today’s cooling real estate market you need to be a step ahead of your neighbor. Despite your home’s many selling points, such as upgrades, updated appliances, four bedrooms, and good schools — you probably have not received an offer. Don’t feel powerless. It’s time for a reality check for the “sellers.” You need to determine what is fair. Ask yourself what the market will bear. It’s time to be creative in today’s market. Hit the high points with the attributes; physical appearance is very important. Kim Ziton, New Home Consultant, Kootenia Homes, recommends the following simple stepping stones to sell your home:

Fix It Up: Buyers don’t want to repair items when they move in — fix obvious problems — minimize work for the buyer. The buyer wants to move right in without having to make significant changes.

Staging: Staging is more than decorating; it’s creating a mood.  The purpose is to make your home look bigger, brighter, cleaner and warmer.  It can entail simple tasks such as removing clutter: you want to create neutral colors, harmonious and spacious environments.  Freshen up paint — clean the inside and the exterior of your home.  Take out potentially distracting personal items.  Arrange sparse pieces of furniture in an appealing grouping, known as a vignette.  Organize your closets and kitchen cabinets — neatly stack dishes, jars should be facing out, shirts organized and not cluttered make a difference.  Set the table for dinner.  In the bathroom tie the towels with a ribbon and put scented soap in the room — simple details.  Layering with accessories is the finishing touch.  For instance, on a side table, you might have a lamp, flower arrangement, and a book near a small box.  Keep in mind that you do not have a second chance to make a first impression.  Really step back and imagine how your house will look for a buyer.

Ziton adds, “Keep in mind when marketing your home to make sure it is not confusing. Make sure the main attributes are clear. This will help generate traffic. You want to make the home attractive and inviting, making the visitors able to visualize living in the home.”

If your house has been on the market for some time, Ziton suggests incorporating some of these ideas with a goal towards getting past what your house was worth two years ago. Lastly, Ziton encourages sellers to be optimistic: “It’s a matter of time before your house sells.”